Last of the Lambs

  • By David Cooke
  • 05 Jun, 2017

This is Daisy who is being bottle fed as her mother couldn't cope with twins

Born on 1st June Daisy will probably become one of our more friendly sheep at the Marina.

The start of Hill Farm Marina

By David Cooke 17 Oct, 2017
We now have boats on the way to get to us by the 30th October. Things are changing daily. Our focus is the short run of pontoons which will accommodate the boats for this winter. You can see the new entrance there is still lots of landscaping and tidying up to do. You can also see our 3 farm geese enjoying the water.
By David Cooke 13 Oct, 2017
It has been a busy week but we have now finished the entrance connection work, just a bit more tidying up to do;  our main contractors have now left the site. We have also passed the first week of leakage testing with CRT and all appears to be ok. There is another CRT check next week and we are expecting to get our signoff from them on 23rd October. There is still lots to do in the next couple of weeks, I'll keep you posted on progress. We are looking forward to welcoming our first boats in the next few weeks.
By David Cooke 02 Oct, 2017
The Marina has been full of water for several weeks, next week we are due to start the stilling test with CRT. We have found out that the traditional way to seal stoplogs is with locomotive ash hence our visit to the local steam engine works where we were allowed to have as much as we wanted. The marina entrance works are progressing on schedule, with the piling to be completed by Tuesday followed by excavation of the entrance later in the week. We are also working on the driveway.

By David Cooke 24 Sep, 2017
We have signed all the paperwork from CRT to connect to the canal, our contractor will be arriving on site tomorrow (25th September) to knock in the entrance piles. This week we have continued with some fencing, finished the pontoon woodwork on the field side, and threaded the electric wires for the mooring bollards. We have had the bulldozer in to restore the field, and a crusher to prepare all the stone for the drive; lots to do, I will update you next week. David
By David Cooke 16 Sep, 2017
We had a productive meeting with the CRT engineers on Thursday,  they have agreed to help us open the marina by 30th October. We have agreed a weekly programme with designers, builders and CRT to ensure everything is in place. This is the news we have been waiting for and gives us a clear target to work to.  I aim to add to the blog each week, this next week we will be finishing the pontoon woodwork, first fix electrics and completing the fencing, the bulldozer is also onsite restoring the field.
By David Cooke 06 Sep, 2017
We have a meeting with CRT (Canal and River Trust) on Thursday 14th September, we hope, to be able to finalise the canal connection. The recent rain is working in our favour. Don't worry the pontoons will be covered with the latest innovative non slip GRP decking that we have imported from China it will only take us an hour and 36 screws to finish each pontoon.
By David Cooke 02 Sep, 2017
We are still progressing with what we can, but waiting for the CRT approval to knock through to the canal. As soon as we get approval it will take 4 weeks - 2 weeks for entrance works and 2 weeks for our stilling test (to check the marina doesn't leak). You can see that the basin is all lined shaped and ready, we have done loads of fencing, and fitted the main structure for the pontoons, the rest can be completed with the water in.  Bookings have been faster than expected even though we cannot give a definite opening date. Thanks for baring with us.
By David Cooke 03 Aug, 2017
We are now working towards filling the marina, this week we have been lining the base with puddling clay, the fabricators are  welding the tops on the pontoon piles and carpenters fitting the pontoons. We have also started taking formal bookings and deposits from moorers planning to be the first to bring boats to Hill Farm Marina. For More information please email info@hillfarmmarina.co.uk or call David Cooke on 07971118953
By David Cooke 18 Jul, 2017
We are still awaiting a site visit from CRT but have decided to push on to completion rather than wait any longer. We are allowed to work up to 6 metres from the canal edge.The main contractors have been in for the week and we will have to ask them to mobilise again when we have permission to break into the canal. Everything we need  is onsite and ready to install, first we will line the edges, then fit the walkways and services whilst we are puddling the centre, finally the pontoons and we are then ready to fill. May I thank all our prospective moorers for your patience we will let you know when we have any news,  in the meantime please feel free to call me or email.
By David Cooke 05 Jun, 2017
Born on 1st June Daisy will probably become one of our more friendly sheep at the Marina.
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